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Flex GIF Animator is a full featured image editor and animation tool
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Flex GIF Animator is a full featured image editor and animation creator tool that makes working with special effects and graphics easier than ever.
The program offers a wide variety of tools to work with images and animations.
Most of the GIF animation tools use positions of frames to create animations. This means you have to place every single frame according to how you want the animation to be. But here is the difference. Flex GIF Animator offers a wide variety of special effects, motions and movements that help you to create professional looking animations without any prior knowledge.

Suppose you want a text to move from the top left corner of the screen to its right bottom in an arc. Now you don’t need to edit every single frame and place the text. Just define a path that you want your text to follow using your mouse, and that’s it.
In fact more than 20 samples can be found in the “SAMPLE” folder where the program is installed in your PC that illustrate how many types of effects you can create. You can also use the help file that tells how to use this tool step by step.

Still Flex GIF Animator is as simple as managing the frames of a video. You can use the time line to manage the delay between frames. Additionally, you can use the screen capture tools to capture any region of your screen or window that can help you to create web tutorials. You can export the animations to AVI, FLV and MOV videos for further use. You can also record sound and use it with your animations.

The uses of this program are endless. Create animations and buttons for web designing, create web tutorials, slide shows, GIF animations or just use the powerful image editor to enhance your images. You will never need other imaging tools if you have Flex GIF Animator in your PC. Real time 3D effects including dodge, blur, lights, shadows and flexible editor make this tool perfect graphic application for your PC.

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  • Easy to use with helpful tutorials
  • Exotic effects and features
  • Can export animation to AVI, FLV and MOV video files


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