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Flex GIF Animator 10.05

Flex GIF Animator allows for creation of incredible brushes for making your art
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Create Cool GIF Animation with Flex GIF Animator.
Flex GIF Animator has a versatile and powerful brush engine that allows for creation of extraordinary brushes for making your art .It support 6 different natural media tools such as Crayon, Charcoal, oil paints and Pencil. It supports Photoshop brush, so you can download and import a lot of Photoshop brush from the internet. It has drawing, cloning, and retouching tools. It can perfect your photos using 5 different retouching tools, including Dodge, light, blur ,saturation modifier and many others.

Flex GIF Animator is an effect system. It supports a variety of awesome special effects, including Form based effect ( such as deform, flag, wave, spray light, scroll, particle etc) and image based effect( such as wipe, color change, light, blur etc), These are two types of effects that can be used simultaneously with one object. Particle system has ten predefined effects. built-in warp and morph animation maker .It supports creating between objects animation and keyframe ( include Position, Scale, Rotate, Alpha and Effect Parameter) based animation.

Flex GIF Animator support 2D & 3D text and other vector graphics.
Flex GIF Animator support 3D look with drop shadow, glow and other effects and dozens of professional filters. Easily extract objects from one image and place it in another. It includes hundreds filters. Wrap, bend, and distort 2D & 3D text with freehand paths.

Main Features :

- Import .AVI, FLC files and convert them to GIF Animations
- Capture quicktime moves, AVI, MPG movie frames and convert them to GIF Animations,quickly Edit the Animated GIFs
- Convert .jpg, .ico, .bmp and more to .gif automatically
- Easily make high quality animated GIFs in a few steps
- Save your animations as Animated GIFs or Flash .swf files
- Convert GIF animation to grayscale
- Preview GIF animation in web browser
- Edit animated GIF palette
- Reverse GIF animation or a portion of it
- Export GIF animation to AVI format
- Generate HTML code for publishing animation on the web
- Easily create animated banners, pictures and buttons
- Create animated GIF images from scratch,Edit and modify animated GIF images
- Add visual effects to your GIF animation
- Optimize animated GIF images so they take less space and load faster
- Create impressive and compact animated GIFs for banners, ads and web buttons on the fly!
- Convert GIF files to AVI and MOV ¨C animate your PowerPoint presentations.
- Export animated GIF files to SWF (Macromedia Flash) with sound

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